The 2021 Summer Season return to training and competition is right round the corner now!  We hope you are as excited as we are to see a return to playing our great sport of basketball!  Oh, how we have missed the pounding of basketballs…… 

The committee have been working hard behind the scenes to get the club ready and ensure that our teams are able to take the court! 

2021 Summer Season Dates

The season starts with round 1 on Saturday 30 January 2021 and on Sunday 31 January 2021 for our U20 team!  The season dates are: 

The following is the dates for the shortened 2020/2021 Summer season.  The U20’s will play their corresponding round on the Sunday. 

30/01/2021  Round 1 
06/02/2021  Round 2 
13/02/2021  Round 3 
20/02/2021  Round 4 
27/02/2021  Round 5 
06/03/2021  Labour Day – NO GAMES 
13/03/2021  Round 6
20/03/2021  Round 7 
27/03/2021  Round 8 


We are currently working on updating our COVID plan and liaising with our schools to ensure that our plan meets their requirements for us to be able to return to training.  We are hopeful that training will resume when school resumes but will communicate to our teams once confirmed.  This will mean that some teams will play their first game before they train, we know this is not ideal, however this is not a normal season and getting the kid’s back playing is the priority! 

We need each team to nominate a Bio Safety Officer (BSO), we will communicate about this role with each team again shortly. 

Damien, our training coordinator will be in touch with our teams (coaches and team managers) once confirmation is obtained and our COVID plan is finalised.  At this stage, it is likely that parents will not be able to attend training. 

Season Fixtures

The KBA Office are currently working on the team allocations to grades so that fixturing can begin and coach requests can hopefully be granted.  The KBA have asked for patience as they work through this process.  This is the first season that the KBA have used PlayHQ for fixturing the junior domestic competition. 

We will send a communication when the fixtures are available but hope they will be available but Wednesday next week at the latest. Click here for the SCJBC club page on the PlayHQ website or use the Fixtures menu link on our website.

In preparation for the fixtures being released next week, you can review the following videos to save your PlayHQ profile and fixture to your phone’s home screen.  Basketball Victoria have recommended that players/parents open the fixture on their phone and then bookmark it/save it to their home screen. 

Click on the videos below to add a PlayHQ Profile to your device.

Click on the videos below to add a PlayHQ Fixture to your device.


We have received the new uniforms from our suppliers for uniforms that were ordered on our website before 5 January 2021.  If you have placed a uniform after this date, your uniform will not be available for a few weeks. 

Veronica, our Uniform Coordinator will be in touch with families to organise collection of your order. 

If you need a new uniform or want to purchase any merchandise, please go to our online shop on our website.  Click here to go to the SCJBC Online Store

U20 Boys Competition

This will be the first season that an U20 boy’s competition is played.  We have entered 4 teams across the various grades.   

The KBA advised: 

  • There will be 4 grades: A grade with 5 teams, B grade with 7 teams, C grade with 10 teams and D grade with 10 teams. 
  • Games will start at 5:30 or 6:00pm and be played across 2 or 3 courts on Sunday evening.  Starting on Sunday 31st January 2021. 
  • A shot clock for U20s for A and B grades only will be used for this Summer season.  This may potentially be introduced to all grades in the Winter season. 


If any families have any questions, these should be directed to your team manager and/or coach.