For their development, trainee referees with appropriate support must be exposed to all age groups and grades.  They need to be exposed to games of varying skill levels and both fast and slow-paced games.

They may make mistakes or miss a call but they are learning and are doing their best. It is not our role to critique their performance, the senior referees and supervisors will provide them with feedback.

Please remember that you are NOT permitted to speak to, address queries to or approach any of the trainee referees (green shirts) at any time during or after the game.

Junior domestic basketball is a learning and teaching environment for all involved in our great sport (players, referees, and coaches), please join us in supporting and encouraging them.

  • You will notice there are a lot of referees in green shirts. These referees are just beginning so it is critical that no one questions or talks to a green shirt referee regarding the game.  Any communication must go through the referee in black and white.
  • ALL communication to the referees must be done by the COACH ONLY. Team managers, assistant coaches and parents are not permitted to do so.
  • If the coach wants to speak to a referee, it is to be done in a courteous manner and at an appropriate time (the best time is during a timeout or at half time and should be done at the bench and not on the court).

Please ensure that all our members and supporters follow the above rules and do not lose sight of the fact this is just a game, and it is meant to be fun for all participants including the referees.

You may even recognise some of the green shirt referees as players from our club.  Please support them and the other green referees as they embark on this journey.