Hi Everyone,  

We’re almost there, almost back to a normal season which is very exciting.  

There are a few administrative points that I would like to cover off for this weekend and the upcoming season and I’d appreciate if you could forward this information onto your members. 


COVID Compliance 

  • Contact tracing is still a government mandated requirement. Subsequently, we ask everyone to QR Code when attending all venues. A sign in sheet will also be supplied for those without a phone. 
  • Hand sanitiser will still be provided and is highly recommended, but it is no longer a requirement. 
  • There is no longer a restriction to the number of Basketballs that can be brought into a venue. 
  • Despite density limits being reduced to 1 pax per 2m2, social distancing where possible is still required. 
  • Venue limits are now set to 75% of capacity. As such, the KBA are no longer placing limitations on the number of attendees. 


  • The KBA are working extremely hard to develop a positive culture across our competitions. We want to reinforce a mutual respect between players, officials and spectators that helps to develop a high level of Basketball and eradicates poor behaviour. Therefore it is important that ALL members of the KBA familiarise themselves with the KBA Participant Behaviour Policy 
  • The KBA are currently running a Referee Apprentice School and these participants will be gaining experience on court with Referee mentors from this weekend. They will be easily identifiable in Green shirts. Please make sure all players and coaches are aware that there is NO talking to referees wearing Green shirts. Any questions must be addressed to the referees. 


Specific Rules 

  • During the grading games (Rounds 1-3), the mercy rule does not apply. 
  • All players are required to be in matching club uniforms. We are aware that there are global delays to supply chains due to COVID, however, any exemption requests must be made directly through the KBA office. 
  • A player that has not registered with their Club before their first game can be entered on scoring laptop as a ‘Fill In’ player. This is only allowed twice and then they must register and pay the Basketball Victoria fee. ‘Fill in’ games DO NOT count towards qualifying for finals.  THIS CAN ONLY BE DONE WITH PRIOR APPROVAL OF THE CLUB 
  • To qualify for finals, registered players must have played a minimum of 7 regular season games (U10-U19) and 6 regular season games (U20). 
  • Scoring– Rules are displayed on all score benches. 


First Aid 

  • There was previously an outdated policy which stipulated an Injury Report had to be completed prior to an Ice Pack being provided. This rule has now been changed but it is a legal requirement that all injuries are reported and recorded. Venue Supervisors are able to provide an injury report form to complete prior to leaving a venue. 
  • All venue supervisors are first aid trained and are able to administer first aid. 
  • Ice packs are only provided for injuries. Ice Packs will not be handed out for things such as Mosquito bites (this has been requested in the past) 
  • Band Aids used to cover up finger nails etc… are the responsibility of the player, not the KBA. 
  • Strapping tape is the responsibility of the player, not the KBA. 



  • All communication with the KBA is to be done through your Junior Domestic club. 
  • If you believe an incident is of an extremely serious nature, your club can put you in touch with the appropriate person at the KBA office. 

 Club Coach Course 

  • We have been notified by Basketball Victoria that a club coaches’ course will be held at Keilor Stadium on June 27th. Further information will be provided as it is received. 


Paul Rovis 

Ph: (03) 9336 0178 

General Manager 

Keilor Basketball Association