The KBA JD competition is now using the new PlayHQ platform, which means we will now be using the PlayHQ electronic scoring system.  PlayHQ scoring is very user friendly and easy to learn… 

All competition games will be preloaded on laptops for all venues and ready to go each game.

  • Referees will be responsible for starting and finalising games.
  • The team manager / scorer is required to select players that are participating in the game and ensure that their playing number is correct.  All players who have registered with the club and for the team will be displayed.
  • A coach must also be selected for each game, this will enable any coach fouls, e.g., tech foul, disqualifying foul called on the coach to be recorded correctly within the scoring process.


The electronic scoring guide will be located on all score benches for each game and can be accessed HERE.  We suggest that families have a quick read through this guide prior to Round 1.

There is also a short video that demonstrates how to use PlayHQ scoring that is worth watching to become familiar with the system, view it HERE.