Registration Email with Link to Register 

When the club receives notification of players returning (or otherwise) and teams are finalised we issue an email to the members of that team to register.  Emails started going out to teams on 16 March 2021.  If you have not received your registration email then either the club has not been notified whether all players are returning or the team has not been finalised. 

We have sent out the registration email with link to register to 22 boys teams and 3 girls teams, so not even half of our expected teams! 

Please ensure that you have advised your team manager (or the coordinator if they have requested the Information directly) of your intention for next season. 

The email to each team includes a link that is specific to that team. When you click the registration link, it shows which team you are registering to.  Please ensure that you are registering your child to the correct team. 

The deadline for on-time payments and to secure your child’s place in their allocated team is 5pm on Saturday 27 Match 2021. 


Registering Multiple Children and the Discounted Family Rate 

If you have more than one child and they play in different teams, you will have a different link to register for each.  Please read these instructions: 

If you have 3 or more children, the club will provide you with a discount voucher code for your third and subsequent children.  This voucher code must be used on the payment screen to reduce the fees.  Do not register your third or fourth child without this code. 

The voucher code for the third child will reduce the membership portion of the fees to $30 (saving of $55).  The voucher code for the fourth child, will reduce the membership portion of the fees to $0 (saving of $85). 


Playing Coach 

For playing coaches (existing junior players who coach a team), the club waive all fees when the player registers to their team as a player.  A voucher code will be provided to reduce the fees payable to the club to $0. 


Registered to the Wrong Team 

If you register your child to the wrong team, please do not then register them to the correct team and pay the fees again.  If you register them to the wrong team, please send us an email and we will move them to the correct team.  Registering them again, results in additional work for us and if we fully refund the fee paid to you for the second team, the club incurs an unnecessary cost of the processing fees paid.  Given we are subsidising the club’s membership fee, we want to avoid paying unnecessary fees. 


Financial Difficulty 

Any members experiencing financial difficulty, should contact us now.  Do not wait until the deadline for on-time payments is near or has passed.  If you cannot meet your financial obligations, please contact us early so arrangements can be made in advance.