The training venue coordinator:

  • Allocates a weekly one-hour training session to each team with younger teams given priority to earlier time slots, subject to the coach’s availability; and
  • Provides coaches and team managers with instructions for opening, closing and relevant security codes for the venue where their team is allocated a training session (we recommend you save these to your phone).

The club has three primary training venues as follows:

Training Venue Training is scheduled here on a…
St Christopher’s Primary School Gymnasium Monday, Wednesday and Thursday
Keilor Heights Primary School Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
Strathmore Secondary College Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

Players are expected to bring a basketball and drink bottle to training sessions.  Basketballs can be purchased from our online shop.

Training is held during the school terms – if school is not on then generally the facilities where the teams train are not available for training. So unless the team organises something separately there is no training during the school holidays.


  • Coaches/team managers must contact the training venue coordinator to vary their training time, even if there is no team training before or after their team.
  • Court areas are to be left clean and tidy at the end of each session (take your rubbish) and ensure that all drink bottles and clothing are removed;
  • If a team is training before your team, wait outside the court area until the other team has left the court;
  • When your training time is up, leave the court promptly and finish any discussions outside the court area;
  • The last team to leave must lock up and activate the alarm, if you have problems contact a committee member for assistance;
  • Smoking is prohibited on the school premises and grounds. If parents need to smoke while their children are training, they must go outside the school grounds.

St Christopher’s Primary School Gymnasium – Additional Notes:

  • We are only allowed to use the court area and the toilets. The meeting room, kitchen, stairs and balcony above the court are out of bounds and are not to be used;
  • The mobile basketball ring does not belong to the club and must not be used;
  • The key must be placed back in the key safe after it has been used;
  • If you are the last team to train, collect anything that has been left behind and place it in lost property bin inside the storeroom;
  • Children are not to play in the school grounds or the car park area.

Training Schedule and Guidelines

Please find below the following:

  • Training Guide for St Christopher’s Primary School; and
  • Training Guide for Keilor Heights Primary School