Please read this document fully and carefully.  



It is great news that we are back and playing basketball out of lockdown, a lot quicker than we have previously, however this has meant some different and more stringent restrictions.   

Thank you for your patience while we worked through the information being provided to us and sought clarification on several aspects.  

Due to Victorian Government restrictions, there are strict limits on who can attend games: 

  • At venues other than Keilor Stadium (outer venues) one parent or guardian can attend games with a player. 
  • At Keilor stadium, a parent / guardian will not be able to attend with the player, only parents who are in the role of coach, assistant coach, team manager and scorer will be able to attend. Other parents will have to wait in the car. 
  • Other than parents as above, no additional spectators are permitted at any games  

We understand that families may find these restrictions difficult and inconvenient however with the current government-imposed restrictions this was determined as the best option by the KBA.  Parents may not feel comfortable allowing children to play at Keilor Stadium under these restrictions.  Parents will need to make decisions that are best for their family and may opt for their child not to play.  However, if opting not to play, it is essential that you contact your coach and team manager to let them know ASAP. 


  • No spectators allowed: Exemption: 1 parent or guardian per 18-and-under participant – subject to density limits of individual stadiums based on useable space. 
  • QR Codes: Mandatory for all upon entry (no exceptions).  Anyone who refuses to comply with QR Code requirements will be denied access to the venue. 
  • Masks: Mandatory for all patrons over 12 years of age indoors unless medically exempt.  Players, coaches and referees are exempt while on court participating in an exertive role.  
  • Density Limit: 100 per space with a maximum group limit of 50 
  • COVID Check-In Marshalls: Positioned at entrance, ensuring all patrons check in 
  • Cleaning: Any shared equipment must be cleaned between users. 


The Victorian Government restrictions allow for: 

  • Only those required to facilitate the basketball games permitted to attend.  
  • General spectators are not permitted. 
  • One parent or guardian per player under 18 years of age allowed to attend. 
  • A limit of no more than 100 in in each indoor space at the facility at any one time.   

The Basketball Victoria Return to Sport Guidelines have basketball returning with a reactivation status of Orange 50 which further limits maximum group sizes to 50 (a maximum of 50 per court). 


The 100-limit is based on space, at Keilor Stadium there are 2 spaces; courts 1-3 and courts 4-6, each space can have a maximum of 100.  If all 3 courts are in operation, this would only allow 33 per court which does not accommodate parents or guardians attending. 

The KBA have advised that they have considered various options and determined that the best option is to allow all fixtured games to proceed but with no parents or guardians allowed to attend games played at Keilor Stadium. 

Each team will be allowed to have a Head Coach, Assistant Coach, Team Manager and Scorer.  The KBA have determined that this will provide enough supervision and support for players.  Parents / guardians will be able to wait in their car in the car park while the games are played. 


For games played at venues other than Keilor Stadium (outer venues), each team will be allowed to have a Head Coach, Assistant Coach, Team Manager and Scorer.  In addition, each player under 18 will be allowed to have a parent or guardian accompany them to the game. 


If any of our families are not wanting their child to play this weekend because of the restrictions, please ensure that you advise your team’s coach and team manager ASAP.   

Coaches and team managers if you will be unable to field a team due to any withdrawals, please provide notice to immediately.  The KBA have advised that there will be no penalty if teams are unable to field a team due to withdrawals provided there is prior notification. 


At Keilor Stadium the QR Kiosk will be in operation for those without phones or parents / guardians to check them in.  The QR Kiosk is a laptop that is directly connected to our government QR Code with First Name, Last Name and Contact number required. 

For our younger teams playing at Keilor Stadium, it may be necessary for the team manager to meet the players to assist them with QR coding into the venue. 

We all need to do our bit to help to maintain the health and safety of our community and to enable our players to keep playing basketball!