What are SCJBC doing to meet the Government Restrictions, BV Guidelines and Requirements of our facilities? 

  • Each team must have a designated Bio Safety Officer (BSO) to train, and they must be in attendance for the duration of training.  If there is no BSO in attendance, the team cannot train! 
  • The BSO will ensure guidelines are followed, record attendance and report to the Club. 
  • Providing each BSO with a COVID backpack including hand sanitiser, ball wipes and cleaning wipes. 
  • Ensuring all coaches, team managers and BSO’s have completed the COVID-19 Infection Control training course and assessment recommended by Basketball Victoria. 

Rules for Attending Training 

  • Do not attend training if you are unwell or if you have a fever, cough, fatigue, shortness of breath or sore throat.  Stay home if unwell. 
  • Do not arrive more than 5 minutes before your training session is scheduled to commence.  
  • Exit the venue when your training session ends. 
  • If you arrive early, wait in your car until you can enter.  Do not wait at the entrance of the facility. 
  • All personal items are to be labelled e.g., basketball ball, drink bottle and sweat towel. 
  • All players must bring their own basketball to training. 
  • If the BSO or coach thinks a player is unwell, they will be isolated, and parent called to pick them up immediately. 
  • Only players who are registered with the club on PlayHQ may attend training. 
  • All attending training should carry a face mask when leaving home unless they have a lawful reason.  We strongly recommend members wear a mask whenever they cannot keep 1.5 meters distance from others, including when inside our training venues. 

On Arrival at training 

  • Report to the BSO so they can record your arrival. 
  • Do not bounce the ball until you have sanitised it. 
  • The BSO will have sanitiser for your hands and your ball.  All attendees must sanitise their hands upon arrival and departure. 

What is permitted or to be avoided at training? 

  • Structured non-contact drills are permitted. 
  • Scrimmage is permitted. 
  • Shaking of hands and high fives are to be avoided. 
  • We encourage coaches to take team meetings / discussions outside. 

What if you or your family member test positive for COVID-19? 

  • Once you have followed the advice of the governments COVID-19 hotline 1800 020 080 and your GP, it is imperative that you inform our Club via the President, Vice President or Secretary.