Basketball Victoria announced yesterday that starting from September, Size 5 balls will be used with age groups U12 and below. Please see the following link for the full statement: 

This change is in the players’ best interest as the smaller ball helps improve shooting skills at an earlier age. The Size 5 Ball will allow Under-12 players to develop correct techniques with an appropriately sized ball before transitioning to larger basketballs in older age groups. 

Players will continue to use a Size 6 Basketball (under-14 boys/under-14 girls and older) as well as the Size 7 Basketball (under-16 boys and older) in Basketball Victoria competitions. 


KBA Junior Domestic Competition – Under 10 & 12’s 

The KBA has made the decision to introduce Size 5 Basketballs for the upcoming summer season (starting on 2 October 2021) for all under 10 and under 12 competitions. 

Our club will endeavour to purchase enough size 5 basketballs to replace the size 6 balls in our coach’s bags.  We hope that these will be available prior to the start of the summer season.  We will be in touch with teams once the balls are delivered. 


Want to purchase a size 5 ball? 

Rebel Sports have several size 5 basketballs.  If purchasing from Rebel, don’t forget to put 5% of your purchase back into St Christopher’s via the Rebel Sport Community Kickback partnership. 

Our club are Rebel Sport Community Kickback program partners. For every purchase that our members make at Rebel Sport, we receive 5% of the transaction total to spend back in store. 

Simply nominate our club on your Rebel active account and every time you make a purchase in store or online swipe, remember to swipe your Rebel active loyalty card or log-in to help build our Club’s credits. 

If you aren’t a Rebel active member you will need to join the Rebel active loyalty program and nominate our club on your account. That can be done online or at the cash register of your local Rebel Sport store. It takes just 2 minutes, and you can start receiving the program’s benefits straight away.