Before you groan and think boring, dull, waste of time, I’m too busy and have better things to do…… Stop and consider the missed opportunities through non-attendance….  

This is your opportunity to truly impact change that will benefit all who participate in basketball at Keilor now and in the future.  Attending the AGM is your opportunity to understand the financial position of our association; how much revenue has been received and how the funds have been spent; which Keilor programs are revenue earners, and which rely on other programs to fund them; how much revenue comes from direct participation and how much comes from sponsorship.  

Our members will be impacted by fees that have increased post COVID-19 and some who also play VJBL basketball with Keilor Thunder have also paid increased registrations fees for the current season. 

AGMs are notorious for being poorly attended which does not make sense!   

An AGM is a member’s greatest opportunity to see how the association is doing financially to understand where the funds are being spent, to impact decisions, to nominate for a position, to vote for those nominating for positions and to meet those who are on the board and will make decisions that impact all aspects of basketball at Keilor. 

Just remember, if you choose not to attend the AGM, you might not like some of the outcomes resulting from the AGM and subsequent decisions made by the Board. 

As a club who has a long history with the KBA, it would be great to see our club represented on the board.  Other clubs are represented; Aberfeldie Jets, CSBD’s, Overnewton, Keilor Village.  Will you represent our club on the board? 

KBA Board Committee positions are open for the following positions which all will have tenure of two years.: 

  • President
  • Treasurer
  • Two (2) General Members

We encourage our members to consider nominating for a position on the board.  We also encourage members to attend the AGM. 

Please find attached HERE notice of the 2021 KBA AGM.  There are requirements that must be followed to attend, please read the attached carefully! 

  • Date:28th March 2021
  • Time:3.00pm
  • Venue: Keilor Basketball Stadium 

Any questions can be directed via the KBA office. 

Notice of the 2021 KBA AGM