New Players to the Club

If you would like to play basketball at St Christopher’s Junior Basketball Club then join our waitlist!

The club aims to place players in a team that is suitable in terms of age, skill and ability. We also aim to find a team for all new players who have registered an interest in joining our club and will do our best to place all players in a suitable team.


  • Teams are finalised about 1 month prior to the new season starting
  • The club start working on teams many weeks before this – usually the start of the term prior to the season starting (e.g. for Summer – start of term 3, for Winter – the start of term 1)
  • Don’t wait until the new season starts to join the waitlist.  The sooner a player is registered to the waitlist, the better changes of allocating them to a team.


For all the information you may need about the season and playing basketball with our club, please refer to SEASON INFORMATION HERE

Age Groups

Age Groups for seasons played during October 2018 – September 2019

Age grouping for the season is assessed at 31 December of the calendar year the season finishes. If a player turns 10 during the calendar year the season finishes then the player must compete in Under 12 competition. 

Age Group


Under 10

Born on or after 1 January 2010

Under 12

1 January 2008 – 31 December 2009

Under 14

1 January 2006 – 31 December 2007

Under 16

1 January 2005 – 31 December 2004

Under 19

1 January 2001 – 31 December 2003

Player Clearances

If a player has played with a KBAJ domestic club within the last 12 months before the player is able to play with another KBAJ domestic club, they must:

  • Settle any financials owed;
  • Return uniform / equipment, as required;
  • Request the club they are moving to, complete an online transfer; and
  • Register online with St Christopher’s (if transferring to St Christopher’s).


  • Clearances for 2019 Winter season close at close of business on Friday 10 May 2019
  • Clearances must be fully approved to play on the Saturday.