New Players

If you would like to become a Saint and play basketball with us then join our waitlist!

The club aims to place players in a team that is suitable in terms of age, skill and ability. We also aim to find a team for all new players who have registered an interest in joining our club and will do our best to place all players in a suitable team.


– Teams are finalised about 1 month prior to the new season starting

– The club start working on teams many weeks before this – usually the start of the term prior to the season starting (e.g. for Summer – start of term 3, for Winter – the start of term 1)

– Don’t wait until the new season starts to join the waitlist.  The sooner a player is registered to the waitlist, the better changes of allocating them to a team.


For all the information you may need about the season and playing basketball with our club, please refer to SEASON INFORMATION HERE