Season Info

  • Basketball runs all year with two (2) seasons; each season consists of grading games, competitive season and finals.
  • The Winter season runs from April to September (term 2 and term 3 of the school calendar)
  • Summer season runs from October to March (term 4 and term 1 of the school calendar) with an extended break from mid-December through to late January.
  • The KBA Junior Domestic Competition runs on Saturdays from 8.00 am to 6:00 pm.
  • The younger the age group, the earlier the start, age groups do not have allocated time slots so game time may vary each week and from season to season.
  • The KBA create a fixture at the start of the season, the full fixture will not be available until after grading games are completed.
  • The main venue used for competitions on a Saturday is Keilor Basketball & Netball Stadium which has 6 courts and all courts are generally available to basketball on a Saturday afternoon. Mornings are shared with netball.
  • Venues and addresses, please refer to: Game day venues
Our teams compete in all age groups; under 10, under 12, under 14, under 16, Under 18 (boys) and Under 19 (girls) and Under 20 (boys). The competition is split into separate competitions for boys and girls. Age groups change every summer season.
Age group Summer 2021/2022 Players born in... Summer 2022/2023 Players born in...
Under 8 NA TBC: 2016, 2017
Under 10 2013, 2014 2014, 2015
Under 12 2011, 2012 2012, 2013
Under 14 2009, 2010 2010, 2011
Under 16 2007, 2008 2008, 2009
Boys Under 18 2005, 2006 2006, 2007
Girls Under 19 2004, 2005, 2006 2005, 2006, 2007
Boys Under 20 2003, 2004 2004, 2005
The following are the fees that are paid:
Fee Type Details
Club Membership Fee · All players become members of the club upon registering and paying their club membership fees. For 2022/2023 Summer, the membership fee was $85 for the season
KBA Game Fees · The KBA Junior Domestic Competition is “cashless” with all clubs prepaying game day fees; scoresheet fees and venue entry fees to the KBA. · To prepay these fees, we collect the fees upfront from our members in addition to our club membership fee. The scoresheet/entry fee for 2022/2023 Summer season was $175. · There are no games fees or entry fees on game day for players or spectators!
Basketball Victoria (BV) Affiliation Fee Play - Registration Information
Uniform · All players must purchase a club uniform top shorts and a reversible training top (prices are available in our Shop)
KBA Player Registration Fee · A player registration fee of $19.50 paid each season directly to the KBA.)
Until a player is allocated to a team, we cannot advise what day, time or venue the team will train. Our teams train once per week for one (1) hour.
  • Teams are allocated a 1-hour weekly training session with younger teams given priority to earlier time slots, subject to the coach’s availability (and court availability).
  • The club has 3 main training venues (St Christopher’s Primary School, Keilor Heights Primary School and Strathmore Secondary College).
  • Training is held from Monday to Thursday from 4pm to 9pm.
  • Players are expected to attend their team training, be punctual and bring a basketball and drink bottle. We encourage all players to play it safe and wear a mouthguard!
  • Training is held during the school terms, if school is not on then generally the facilities where the teams train are not available for training.
  • If you are unable to play on game day or attend training, you must advise your coach/team manager and give as much notice as possible.
  • Players are expected to arrive 10 minutes before the start of their game for warm up and direction from their coach.
  • We encourage all players to play it safe and wear a mouthguard!
  • During a game, players must sit on the bench alongside their coach (not with their parents). Players must place their drink bottles near the team bench at the start of the game.
  • Following the game, the coach will have a quick chat with the team about the game.
  • All families are expected to assist with scoring throughout the season. When scoring, you will either operate the scoreboard and clock or the online scoring. Scorers are also responsible for the possession arrow.
  • Coaches are appointed by the committee and are mostly parent members who are actively supporting the club.
  • We are extremely fortunate to also have current/past players and other volunteers coaching at our club. These volunteers give up their time to ensure that we can enable kids to play our great game!
  • The club supports our coaches and aims to have all coaches holding the Club Coaching Course accreditation as a minimum.
  • Each team has a team manager.
  • The team manager assists with the smooth running of the team.
  • The team manager is the link between the coach, parents and the committee.
  • Team manager will assign parents to score each game.
  • Your team manager should be your first point of call for any questions.
The club will communicate using the following methods:
Basketball is an excellent recreational activity for enjoyment and health.  It’s also a lot of fun to watch! However, sometimes the behaviour of a participant (Player, Parent, Spectator, Coach, Administrator or Official) ruins the fun, or even the safety, of others.

During the game, spectators are encouraged to support and call out positive comments, but there must be no coaching, instructing or officiating.  Remember, coaches are volunteers, please treat them and the referees with courtesy and respect and let our players have fun!

No spectator is to speak directly to the referee at any time.  Umpires wearing green are trainee referees, please be considerate, all umpires must learn somewhere.  Remember, that umpire you are angry with could be your son or daughter, please treat them with respect.

Keilor Basketball Association (KBA) has a Participant Behaviour Policy which provides a clear and comprehensive statement of expectations.


Basketball Victoria have developed Codes of Conduct so that we can all be clear of the behavioural expectations that apply to us. These Codes are designed to assist everyone to safely receive the maximum benefit from their involvement in basketball.

Remember that breaches of code not only undermine the enjoyment & safety of the sport -they can also lead to sanctions being applied to individuals, teams or even the Club. In such circumstances – ignorance of a Code is not accepted as an excuse.

Basketball Victoria Codes of Conduct

If controlling your behaviour is an issue, remain outside the venue – go and get a coffee, catch up on emails, go for a walk – let our children enjoy basketball.
If a player has played with a KBAJ domestic club within the last 12 months before the player is able to play with another KBAJ domestic club, they must:
  • Settle any financials owed
  • Return uniform / equipment, as required
Clearance/Transfer Process Info
NOTE: Clearances within a season must be lodged by 11:59pm the Friday before round 3 and finalised by 11:59pm the Friday before round 4. Clearances must be fully approved to play on the Saturday.
Basketball Age Group & Gender
Size 5 Under 10 - boys & girls
Under 12 - boys & girls
Size 6 Under 14 - boys & girls
Under 16 - girls
Under 19 - girls
Size 7 Under 16 - boys
Under 18 - boys
Under 20 - boys
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