Training Facilities

Our club is extremely fortunate to have the use of 3 local school facilities, which enables our teams to train. It is essential that our use of these facilities does not inconvenience the schools. We can all contribute positively to our relationship with the schools by respecting the facilities and following the school’s rules.

Our teams train once per week and are allocated a fixed training day, time, and venue which all players are expected to attend.

Training Venues

The club has three primary training venues as follows:

Training Venue Training is scheduled here on a…
St Christopher’s Primary School Gymnasium Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday
Keilor Heights Primary School Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday
Strathmore Secondary College Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday

Respect for School Facilities

To ensure our ongoing use of the facilities we need to ensure that we are respectful of these facilities and follow the school’s rules. One of the codes of conduct we have all agreed to comply with is “always respect the use of facilities and equipment provided. Facilities and equipment cost money and will only function properly if kept in good order. Ensure that you do not abuse anything provided to use.”

Our teams must ensure that the venue is left in a tidy manner with all rubbish removed. Any items left behind (e.g., drink bottles, clothing, balls) should be placed in the:

  • storage room (St Christopher’s Primary School),
  • taken with you if they belong to a member from our club.

Club equipment used at St Christopher’s must be returned to the club’s storage room located within the school’s storage room on the left of the court.

Monitoring of Use

The schools monitor the use of their facilities and notify the Committee of any concerns or issues. The Committee work with the schools to identify the teams responsible for issues and will take necessary action to stop further instances.

Failure to comply with the training policy may result in teams being unable to train or restrictions being placed on access and usage.

We also need to be mindful of the impact our training may have on the school’s neighbours and must ensure that we show them consideration by not parking over driveways and being quiet when we arrive and leave the facilities.

School Property: Damage or Concerns

If there are any accidents during training that cause damage to the school property, this must be reported immediately to the Training Venue Coordinator by email ( with details and photos of the damage and how it occurred.

If when you arrive at training, you note any concerns about the venue, these also need to be reported to the Training Venue Coordinator by email (

Court Surface

All the courts we hire for training have timber floor, we must take care of the surface and not stick anything to the court surface or place or drag an on the court anything that may harm the surface.

We recommend that you sweep the floor before training to remove any dust and debris.

Using the court while dusty will damage the surface and player’s skill levels and exposure to injury are also greatly increased by a slippery floor.  When the floor is swept, pick up the debris and dispose of it in a bin.