All players must purchase the compulsory reversible uniform top, shorts and reversible training top:

  • The uniform top and shorts must be worn on game day
  • The reversible training top must be worn to training

Uniform Number:

  • Singlet/uniform numbers will be allocated by the club, available numbers are limited to reduce the risk of a clash of numbers if a player changes team (in their age group).
  • Replacement uniforms will be issued with the players existing singlet/uniform number

Second hand Uniforms:

  • If you are getting a second-hand uniform, you will need to contact the uniform coordinator to determine if the uniform number will cause a clash

Game Day: Colour Clashes

Our normal uniform colour is RED.
The uniform clash and priority listing has our club 4th in line for red/orange contrast group.
So, when we play the following teams, we need to wear BLUE:

  • Western Eagles
  • Overnewton
  • CS Blue Devils (CSBD’s wear orange so we switch to blue when we play them to avoid the colour clash)

Saints vs Saints
When two St Christopher’s teams are playing each other, the team listed first will wear RED.

Uniform Number Clash

At times with player movement amongst teams, a team may be assigned players with the same playing number. The club’s policy is as follows:
1. Player moving into an established team will change number if there is a clash (and other player does not need or want to get a new uniform).
2. If 2 new players move to a new side with the same playing number then longevity at the club will determine who keeps the number and who must change.
Note: To have uniform rights, players must be financial members.