Timing Rules

50-mintue schedule
– 2 x 20 minute halves
– 2 minute duration for half time break
– The referee will:
– start the clock two (2) minutes before the starting time
– give both coaches a one (1) minute warning
– start the game clock no earlier than the game’s starting time on the fixture

Delayed Start

– A late starting team is penalised one (1) game point per minute or part thereof after the fixtured start time
– If a game has not started after 10 minutes, the game will be declared a walkover
– Two time-outs per team per half
– No timeouts in the last minute of the first half. If a timeout is in progress, it is to cease immediately and play is to resume.

Starting & Stopping the Clock

Clock Stops:
– 2nd half – last 2 minutes:
– All timeouts
– All whistles (all dead ball situations) where the score difference is:
– less than 10 points in Under 10 competitions; or
– less than 20 points in Under 12 to Under 19 competitions.
STOPPING THE CLOCK: when the referee blows the whistle
STARTING THE CLOCK: when the ball becomes “live”, after the ball touches or is touched by a player on the playing court

Jump Ball Situation and Alternating Possession

At the start of the game:
– Arrow should be pointing up and a jump ball starts the game
– Once a team has possession of the ball, point the arrow in the opposite direction of their goal end
Jump ball situations during the game:
– the arrow will determine which team is given possession of the ball
– scorers should wait until the ball is “live”, after the ball touches or is touched by a player on the playing court and then change the direction of the arrow
Starting the second half:
– The team entitled to the next alternating possession at the end of the first half will start the next half with a throw-in at the centre line. The direction of the arrow is NOT changed at the end of halftime and does not change until a jump ball situation occurs.

Mercy Rule (not in grading or finals games)

RULE: The leading team is required to fall back behind the three (3) point line when the trailing team in-bounds the ball. No defence may be applied until the ball crosses the centre line.
APPLIES: At the discretion of the trailing coach (the referee should confirm with the trailing coach) and only during the competitive season (not grading or finals games):
– In Under 10’s, when a team is leading by 10 or more points;
– In Under 12’s and above, when a team is leading by 20 or more points.