Rules for using our Training Facilities

  • Each team must ensure that there are at least 2 adults in attendance at training as per child safety requirements and in case of an injury.
  • Coaches, registered players, and parents are permitted to attend training.
  • We recommend that the attendance of parents and siblings is minimised, and social distancing maintained.
  • Players are to wear their reversible training top or uniform.
  • If unwell, you are not to attend training (or games!). If a player is thought to be unwell, the player is to be isolated, and the parent contacted to immediately pick them up.
  • No vaccination
  • No QR code on entry and no manual attendance record are required
  • Masks are not required but may be worn if desired.
  • If someone in your household is unwell, we strongly recommend that you do a RAT test before attending training or games.
  • Sanitisation is to be available and encouraged on entry.

Only Club Registered Players Can Train

  • Only players registered with the club in the current season are allowed to train with your team.

Personal Equipment

  • Players are encouraged to bring their own personal equipment, labelled with their name, no sharing personal items such as water bottles and towels.
  • Players are expected to bring a basketball and drink bottle to training sessions. Basketballs can be purchased from our online shop.

Dropping Off and Picking Up Players

  • Players are NOT to be left at our training venues unsupervised.
  • When you arrive, please ensure that the coach or team manager is present before leaving your children. Players are not to be left unsupervised, if the coach or team manager have not arrived then players are not to be left
  • You should aim to arrive close to the start time of your team’s training, players are not to be dropped off prior to their scheduled training time
  • If you do not stay at your child’s training, please ensure that you arrive prior to the finish time to collect your child.
  • Players are not to wait outside on their own to be picked up. Coaches and team managers please ensure that no player is left on their own waiting to be picked up.
  • No one is to enter the training venue until the coach or team manager is present

 Supervision of Siblings / Other Children

  • Coaches are responsible for their team, the registered players, not the siblings or friends that may be on the sidelines.
  • If siblings or other children are brought to training, they must be closely supervised by their parent or a responsible adult (not the coach) while on the school premises. They must always remain within your control and must not be allowed to run around, run onto the court, play in the toilets, climb on, or use any school equipment, play outside, or wander around the venue.
  • One of the codes of conduct we have all agreed to comply with is to “keep children in your care under control.”

Clean Up

  • Each team must clean up after themselves and check for rubbish, drink bottles, balls, clothing left behind.
  • The court must be left clean and tidy at the end of each session, so the court is ready for the school to use the next day.

Teams Commencing and Finishing Training

  • Teams must wait outside the court area until the current team has vacated the court.
  • Teams finishing training should leave the court promptly and finish any discussions outside the court area

Smoking and Dogs

  • SMOKING @ SCHOOLS IS ILLEGAL: Smoking on school premises or within 4 metres of the entrance to a school is illegal.
  • DOGS ARE NOT ALLOWED Dogs are not permitted on the school grounds.


St Christopher’s Primary School: Additional Requirements

  • We are only allowed to use the court area, our storage room, and the toilets
  • Children must not play in the car park area, this is dangerous.
  • Please ensure that players are NOT playing on the outside courts and that the 5km speed limit in the school grounds is adhered to.
  • Parents are NOT to drive into St Christopher’s school grounds and park prior to the school being dismissed. The school gates will be closed until 3:45 / 3:50 pm.
  • Please note, 5km, is slow. If you cannot keep to the limit, then park on the street. If you are running late, then your child will be late for training. Speeding into the car park is NOT the answer.
  • Parking is permitted in the space outside the hall. Please do not park in the staff parking (on the left as they enter the school grounds).
  • STAIRS AND 2ND FLOOR – OUT OF BOUNDS: no one is to go upstairs – the stairs and 2nd floor are out of bounds Training must finish at 8 pm sharp, we need to show respect for the neighbours and priest who lives on site by quietly leaving the premises and keeping noise to a minimum.
  • If you are the last team to train, collect anything that has been left behind and place it in lost property bin inside the club’s storage room
  • If your child attends St Christopher’s school and has training with our club, arrangements need to be made for the supervision of your child for the time between school finishing and training commencing. They are tot to head to the court and wait there unsupervised.

Keilor Heights’ Primary School: Additional Requirements

    Once the cleaner locks the toilets, the toilets are to be kept locked when not in use. Under no circumstances, are the toilets to be unlocked and left open for the duration of training. This is both for the safety of our members and to ensure that others do not enter the toilets and cause damage.