Please read this notice all the way through and consider our request at the end! 

St Christophers has had a special place on our community for more than 50 years.  The Club is inclusive for players of all backgrounds and ability and focusses on helping players to “learn & grow”. 

The secret behind our success is every person who volunteers their time and effort to help children learn and play basketball.  For example, the people who coach and teach our children basketball… and teamwork… and respect for the game, officials, and competitors.  While having fun!  (Thanks, coaches!) 

In addition to the coaches, there are the volunteers who run the Club and make EVERYTHING possible.  They: 

  • Keep the ethos and purpose of the Club alive; 
  • Recruit, equip and support coaches; 
  • Make sure our children (and all participants) are safe; 
  • Manage registration of players, coaches and members; 
  • Welcome new families and children to the Club; 
  • Coordinate and organise 400+ boys and girls into teams; 
  • Organise venues to train in and make sure everyone has a uniform to wear; 
  • Manage Club finances; 
  • Represent the Club with the Association; 
  • Keep our players and parents informed and up-to-date. 

These people are our Committee members.  They run a 400-player organisation, with 1000+ members (including parents). 

Some of these wonderful people have been on our Committee for several years.  Many have children who play. Some were children who played, and now give their time to help others.  Others just love to serve. 

However, some of our existing Committee members need to move on, as circumstances change or their children have grown up. 

Which creates an opportunity…So, we are now asking you to consider becoming a Committee volunteer.  After all, many hands make light work! 

If you decide to join the Committee you will: 

  • Be supported and trained in whichever role you take on; 
  • Enhance your leadership, communication, financial and organisational skills; 
  • Work in partnership with some amazing people, who may well become friends for life; 
  • Help to make the Club better and stronger into the future; 
  • Gain the satisfaction of knowing that you are “making a difference” for hundreds of children! 

You might even learn a thing or two about basketball. 

To find out more, please email