Registrations Opening Soon for the 2022/2023 Summer Season

Registrations Opening Soon with a limited time frame to register, all registrations (coaches, team managers and players) will need to be finalised by 5pm on Saturday 10 September.  The club has set registration fees at $260 per player (club membership of $85 and KBA game fees of $175).

Once a team is finalised, an email will be sent to the PlayHQ (PHQ) account owner with details of how to register.  The registration link provided is team specific so is only to be used to register the member listed for that team.  We urge you to promptly register to enable us to finalise teams and season set up.


Members will need to register using their existing PHQ account.  You will need to make 2 payments and may be required to make a third when you register:

  • an annual fee to BV for player registration / insurance ($26 p/p U18 years);
  • the KBA player fee of $19.50; and
  • the registration fees (club membership and KBA game fees).
  • The same discounts apply as in previous seasons for large families (3 or more players) and playing coaches.
  • If you do not registerby the due date, you will be required to pay late fees and your child’s position in their allocated team will not be guaranteed.

 Please contact the club immediately if you cannot meet the deadline so that alternate arrangements can be made for payment.  Please email

Incentive for on-time payments (Late Fee is $70!) 

Registration and on-time payment of fees secures your child’s position in their allocated team.  Late withdrawals can force teams to be restructured at the last-minute, causing angst and upset for coaches, players and families and extra work for our volunteers.  As a result, the club will charge:

  • A late fee of $70 for any player registered after the deadline (unless prior arrangements have been made).
  • A clearance fee of $70 for any player seeking a clearance to another KBA club after the deadline.  The club membership fee will also need to be paid to be considered financial after the deadline.

Notes: The club’s membership fee is not refundable after the deadline. The club may opt to close registrations after the due date. With limited volunteers on the committee, there is no time for following up members who have not met the on-time payment deadline!  If you cannot meet the deadline, please contact immediately so that arrangements can be made.

We need YOU! – Critical Consideration Required 

Several committee members have moved on, as their circumstances changed, or their children grew up.  This creates an opportunity… we ask you to consider volunteering as a committee member and/or to encourage other club parents to become committee members.  Please refer to this important news item and share this with other families- A message to everyone in our club – A message to everyone in our club – SCJBC (

Discounted Fees – Vouchers

Discounted fees Vouchers will be provided to the following to lower registration fees payable.

  • Playing coaches(current club players who are also coaching a team) will be given a voucher to reduce their registration fees as a player to $0.
  • Families with 3 or more childrenwill be given voucher codes to reduce their total membership portion to $200 (the KBA game fees will still be payable for each player).