We know that everyone is excited to be back training and playing basketball again.  While it feels a little more like things are returning to normal, we need to be mindful that things are not normal, we cannot just resume training as we did before.   

We must be diligent in complying with current requirements and restrictions.  The committee has worked hard to establish workable guidelines and a COVIDSAFE plan that meets the requirement of our government, Basketball Victoria, and our facilities. 

We have had some reports of our teams failing to follow the rules for training and their actions have been in breach of our requirements and COVIDSAFE plan.  We urge all members to read the information that has been issued, failure to comply with requirements because you have not taken the time to read the information will not be an acceptable excuse and may even lead to the team or club losing the ability to use the venue. 

Volunteer Compliance Requirements (required before training) 

Volunteers (coaches, team managers and BSO’s must have completed the volunteer requirements (refer to Policies & Guidlines – SCJBC (stchristophersjbc.com.au)) and also completed and provided their certificate for the COVID-19 Infection Control Training (COVID-19 infection control training | Australian Government Department of Health). 

When attending training: 

  1. Parents are not to enter the school grounds (including school car parks) for any reason. 
  2. Team members are not to enter until both the coach and BSO are present. 
  3. The BSO must walk members into the stadium to ensure compliance to COVID requirements. 
  4. The BSO must take a register of attendance and supervise the sanitising of hands and basketballs. 
  5. All members attending training must use hand sanitiser and sanitise their basketballs.  Basketballs are not to be bounceuntil they have been sanitised. 
  6. The BSO must email training@stchristophersjbc.com.au with the attendance for their team on the night of training. 

If the coach or BSO are running late, then the team will need to wait until they both arrive before entering the venue.  If there is no BSO in attendance, the team cannot train! 

The Clubs COVIDSafe Plan and rules for training 

All members but especially coaches, team managers and BSO’s, need to be familiar with: 

Training at St Christopher’s Primary School: 

  • No parents are allowed on school premises this includes the car park. 
  • The car park is not available for use by our club at present. 
  • Members are not to go through the driveway gate if cars are coming out.  Tuesday night is meeting night so there will be more school staff cars exiting, the coach or BSO need to make sure players do not go through the driveway gate when cars are exiting. 

Failure to follow the rules and requirements 

If teams do not follow the rules and regulations for training, this may result in that team being banned from training.  In the worst case, it could possibly result in our club and all teams being banned from their venue.   

We want our members to be able to enjoy playing and training with their teams.  We need the support of all members to ensure that our actions do not risk our access to our training venues.